12 July 2017

Meeting Our Living Family

Much has been done and written about finding our ancestors, but there are times when the payoff is about making golden connections with our living family members. On June 25, 2017, in Milford, MA, several of us had that moment when our relationship extended beyond FaceBook and email. It didn't matter that we may have been cousins several times removed--what mattered was that strong sense of family that transcends time and distance. Some of us came from great distances which made this gathering that much sweeter. This was not a reunion in the traditional sense because most of us had not met before, but rather a gathering of family members who were meeting for the first time. This was a great moment for the Domenicos.

Open arms were extended and big hugs were freely passed around by all as people arrived. Extra family members were invited to share in the fun, and new friendships were born. It was a beautiful day for sharing great food and company, as well as family stories and resources. In one instance, two cousins may have found a double connection!

This family grouping represents three generations of Domenicos and associated cousins--our forebears would be so excited to know that their hard work and sacrifice resulted in educational opportunities and economic success that they couldn't even have imagined.

This picture is lovingly referred to as the "Three Amigos!" From left to right is Robert Domenico, Johnny Domenico, and Richard Domenico. Robert and Richard are brothers, and Johnny is their cousin. They are direct descendants of Giovanni and Serafina Struzziero Domenico (Di Minico).

While it is important to honor our ancestors and give life to them, it also matters that we embrace the living. It is the living who will reap the benefits of the research that dedicated individuals have worked so hard to make available to those who are interested. Many thanks go to those researchers and to Diane Oswald for taking pictures at this fun event.


The Unbreakable Rosary

25 April 2017

1869 Torre le Nocelle Birth of Carmine Tirone

Ancestors of Carmine Tirone

#12 Filed 20 Marzo 1869
Name: Carmine Tirone
Birth: 19 Marzo 1869 alle ore diciotto nella casa posta in strada L'Amarena
Father: Nicola Tirone del fu Gaetano, 32, sartore
Mother: Catarina de Angelis di Michele, sua moglie
Witness: Palmarino Ardolino del fu Saverio, 33, calzolaio
Witness: Salvatore Pizzano di Saverio, 36, falegname

The Unbreakable Rosary

23 April 2017

1869 Torre le Nocelle Birth of Marianna de Cristofaro

Ancestors of Marianna de Cristofaro

#11 Filed 15 Marzo 1869
Name: Marianna de Cristofaro
Birth: 14 Marzo 1869 alle ore diciassette, nella casa posta in strada L'Amarena
Father: Carmine de Cristofaro fu Michele, 29, calzolaio
Mother: Giovannina Pizzano di Saverio, sua moglie
Witness: Palmarino Ardolino del fu Saverio, 33, calzolaio
Witness: Angelo Petriello del fu Giuseppe, 43, proprietario

The Unbreakable Rosary

21 December 2016

Ship Manifest: SS Romanic - 21 October 1907

S.S. Romanic Manifest, List 25-1

SS Romanic - Naples to Boston
21 October 1907

List: 25
Line: 27
Name: Sateriale, Maria Carmela
Age: 15
Marital: Single
Last Residence: Pietradefusi
Pietradefusi Relative: Grandmother Gaetana
Destination: Father Giovanni Sateriale at 28 Fleet Street, Boston, MA
Passage Paid By: Father
Previous Travel: None
Birthplace: Pietradefusi
Note: c/a 1-257887 filed 13 February 1939

 List: 27
Line: 3
Name: Palermo, Saveria
Age: 20
Marital: Widow
Occupation: Servant
Last Permanent Residence: Torre le Nocelle
Torre le Nocelle Relative: No One
Destination: To uncle Saverio Palermo at 95 (illegible) in Mansfield, MA
Passage Paid By: Uncle
Previous Travel: 1900-1905 in Boston, MA
Birthplace: Torre le Nocelle

List: 27
Line: 4
Name: Ippolito, Angelina
Age: 34
Marital: Married
Occupation: House Help
Last Permanent Residence: Montemiletto
Montemiletto Relative: Parent Vincenzo Ippolito
Destination: Husband Bernardo Nardone at 126 Salem Street, Boston, MA
Passage Paid By: Herself
Previous Travel: 1905-1907 in Boston, MA
Birthplace: Montemiletto
Note:  Lines for Angelina and her two children were completely crossed out.

List: 27
Line: 5
Name: Nardone, Maria
Age: 7
Birthplace: Montemiletto
Note: Daughter of Angelina Ippolito

List: 27
Line: 6
Name: Nardone, Fiore
Age: 11
Birthplace: Montemiletto
Note: Son of Angelina Ippolito

List: 27
Line: 10
Name: Ardolino, Donata
Age: 74
Marital: Widowed
Occupation: Seamstress
Last Permanent Residence: Torre le Nocelle
Torre le Nocelle Relative: None
Destination: Son Emanuele de Cristofaro at 88 Prince Street, Boston, MA
Passage Paid By: Son
Previous Travel: 1900-1904 in Boston, MA
Birthplace: Torre le Nocelle
Note: Line crossed out - did not make passage.

 S.S. Romanic Manifest, List 25-2

S.S. Romanic Manifest, List 27-1

S.S. Romanic Manifest, List 27-2


The Unbreakable Rosary

11 December 2016

You Never Know What You'll Find On eBay!

I stumbled upon the funeral book of Pietro Paolo Bevilacqua while browsing eBay Italia the other day.  

Pietro Paolo Bevilacqua was born 7 March 1903 in Torre le Nocelle to Agostino Bevilacqua and Emilia Ardolino.  It appears he was the first of at least five children born to the couple.  His younger siblings were Ettore (born 1904, later became a priest), Arnaldo (1907), Gilda (1908), and Ezio (1912).

Pietro Paolo died on 10 July 1939 of an unspecified disease in Piacenza, Piacenza, Emilia-Romagna, Italy.  Here's a link to the official site of the comune of Piacenza and Wikipedia's page.  

According to the funeral book he was the "f.f. Consigliere Della Regia Prefettura" of Piacenza,  and the founder of the Torrese Fascists.  The remaining pages of the funeral book are posted beneath the family photos.  Florindo says they were taken in Piacenza, not Torre.

Ancestors of Pietro Paolo Bevilacqua

Agostino Bevilacqua and Emilia Ardolino (parents of Pietro Paolo) circa 1960.  Photo from Florindo's site

A younger Agostino...

... and a much younger Emilia.

Pietro Paolo's brother, Ettore.

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